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Creative Light Explorations


Event Enhancement

Interactive installations, festivals, corporate, private and public events, you name it!

Utilising projection mapping, content creation, technology, lighting and programming any event can be turned into a visual extravaganza. 

Check out some pictures from other light artists and videos of my own work showing what is possible with this technology.

Projection Mapping

Using specialised software it is possible to project any image or video, of any shape or size, onto any object that is covered by a projector. The key point being, only the object has video on, nothing else.

Not only that but you can play multiple pieces of media, on multiple objects. 

If it’s a physical thing, it can be projection mapped. Whether this be something small, like a tea cup, all the way up to something really big, like a building or tree.


In conjunction with Freedom Media. 

Short term or permanent installs are an immediate way to get your guests attention.  This example was a creation for the Jersey War Tunnels, powered by Lumeneer. 

– Sound Design
– Technical Solution Development
– Software Configuration
– Touch reactive programming
– Hardware Installation
– Projection Mapping.


Projects can be responsive to…

Sound, movement, touch, remote controls, text messages and more…

Tape Art

Turning a flat wall into a piece of 3D art with the clever use of some tape, 3D content creation and projection mapping.  

Perfect for installations, corporate branding and being a unique addition to any event. 

Custom pieces can be created upon request, so if you have a logo, piece of art, or any idea you think would suit, get in touch. 

Here is a Lumeneer created piece to a musical score, done on a simple lounge wall. Filmed as the piece was playing, with a picture of the wall at the end.

Custom Structure Creation

Using digital cutting methods such as CNC and laser cutting, the physical can be produced from the digital – imagination is the limit.

Having been created in the computer realm, it is possible to create unique animations and videos that can be mapped straight onto it’s physical surface.

Pieces can also be backlit with LED’s to create fully programmable light shows which can even be made interactive! (as seen with the audio reactive piece shown here).

Get In Touch

If you have a project, event or idea that you would like to discuss, then please use the form below to get in touch and we can discuss possibilities. 

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